Multi-Use Bike + Pedestrian Path
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Traffic in Red RockWe have an exciting prospect for Red Rock Canyon! We are working on an exciting new paved path and park and ride project in the effort to reduce automobile traffic and increase safe and healthy opportunities for families, runners and recreational bikers. Hikers and rock climbers will also enjoy the benefits of dispersed recreation and fewer cars at current parking areas on the loop.  The paved path will not cover existing hiking and climbing trails.  Those will remain as dirt.  This paved path will parallel, but not be joined to, the Red Rock Scenic Byway. See map below. Thank you for your support.

This path benefits car drivers on the road as well, because each Red Rock Trail user equals one less car, to minimize congestion and parking issues. This photo is from my bike ride on Saturday. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a avoid all this traffic?

When we first created Save Red Rock, the most popular public alternative was this separated path idea. We have been working on it with BLM and NDOT and now we are two million dollars into the project, partnering with key organizations and user groups, and preparing for the next step, a large grant application to move us into the design phase.

The grant requires matching funding, so let’s come together as a Save Red Rock community and get this exciting trail system off the ground! We will keep a list of $100+ donors to recognize at the trail head, and all donors on the website unless you specify otherwise. Please donate whatever you can to the grant match program to build the greatest trail system ever. Thank you!

Utah Bike Path

Here are some photos from a bike path in Utah. I’ve been scouting out bike paths in other states and I’m excited to do some more mapping and trail work with our amazing team here. Our treasurer, Sheila B. has prepared the grant and eagerly awaits your donations to launch this project. With your help it can happen for all of us. Let’s do it!

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