Multi-Use Bike + Pedestrian Path
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I have been getting several inquiries about the status of the bike path.  One concerned cyclist just sent me this letter, once again reminding us of the importance of this project.  The good news is we have finished most of the public process and the environmental assessment is done.  We are just waiting for the final draft analysis before we can apply for funding.  Lee Kirk, Red Rock’s Lead Outdoor Recreation Planner, said the BLM is currently reviewing the Final Draft of the Feasibility Study and the Environmental Assessment.  Any last revisions will be incorporated and the study should be completed at the latest by March 2010.  The final cost analysis is expected by May 2010.  In the meantime, and in order to move things along simultaneously, leftover funding from the study will be used to complete design drawings for two of the five zones.  The goal is to be shovel ready when funding becomes available.  Thank you for your continued interest.  I will let you know when public support and/or comment is needed.  Email me if you would like to see some maps of the project.