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Red Rock Canyon Legacy Trail Given Top SNPLMA Priority

Save Red Rock is extremely proud to announce the Red Rock Canyon Legacy Trail has been given the top capital project funding priority for the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act round 18. If approved, the Legacy Trail will receive $34 million in funding.

In September 2020, the Bureau of Land Management submitted an application for SNPLMA funding to connect the northern and southern portions of the Red Rock Legacy Trails’ outer loop. This application included the connecting trails between the Red Rock Visitor’s Center and the Village of Blue Diamond. It also includes the return route 1a from the Visitor’s Center to Summerlin and improvements to trailhead infrastructure and safety along the SR 159 Scenic Byway.

Save Red Rock has been fighting to make the Red Rock Legacy Trails a reality since 2005. Over the past 16 years, we have made great progress through the Red Rock Legacy Trails Partnership. The Southern Portion of the trail, which will connect Southwest Las Vegas to Blue Diamond, was approved in June 2020 when Clark County Commissioners secured $11.4 million for the project. Similarly, the North Portion of the Trail was approved in Early 2020, when Clark County Commissioners secure $9.6 million for the project.

Phase 1, which will create a trail from West Career and Technical Academy to the Red Rock Canyon Visitor’s Center is expected to begin this year.