Multi-Use Bike + Pedestrian Path

A good letter for the bike path

Thank you Dustin Clark, for sending this scary account.  We need to get a bike path soon!  I can’t believe people do hit and runs.  Don Albietz’ life might have been spared, had the driver who hit him, stopped to help.

Hi Heather,

I just wanted to let you know of a tragedy that was narrowly avoided last Saturday.  I had just finished riding the loop at Red Rock and was headed back toward Las Vegas on 159.  Another cyclist was riding about a 100 yards in front of me.
Just east of the Red Rock overlook area on 159, a white Nissan Titan passed me followed by a small, white car (Toyota Prius or similar small car).  Only seconds after the small car passed me it veered onto the shoulder and then into the dirt.  The driver of the car turned back onto the road and hit the Nissan Titan in the back, right rear.  The back-end of the Titan skidded to the left and the truck rolled several times.  As I watched the wreck occur, all I could think was that the cyclist riding in front of me was going to get crushed.  Luckily, she was riding at a good pace, and the rolling truck missed her by may be 10-20 yards.  It was truly a miracle that she was unharmed.  Once the vehicles lost control, the cyclist was at the complete mercy of the law of physics.  I am so glad that she was not hit.

Unfortunately, a person riding in the Nissan Titan had to be airlifted to the hospital.  Perhaps the worst part of all this is that the driver of the white car that caused the accident stopped for a moment and then sped off.

I relate this experience to provide whatever evidence and support I can offer for creating a cycling path through Red Rock Canyon.

Feel free to contact me if I can provide any help.
Dustin Clark